It strikes me that American politics, philosophically, is stuck in the 18th century.  John Stuart Mill’s lecture On Liberty seems to have passed so many people by when one reads the on-line opinions that pass for debates.

If John Stuart Mill, did not give enough direction to the thought processes of what makes a liberal state, it was 20th century philosopher Karl Popper that explained the paradox which must always exist in a democratic society.

Charlottesville and the Trump reaction are best understood by the simple cartoon infographic here.

And yes it has to be this simple.


This article caught my eye. The real cost of energy includes the waste products and the use of fossil carbon for energy is massively subsidised because the cost of co2 pollution emissions is not bourne by the producer. 

It will be bourne by everyone.
So why this article. It demonstrates the rapid changes towards a point where all the world valuations in fossil energy should be devalued as it, after pollution cost or even before it, energy from renewable sources of energy will be more economical. It will likely be less dependent on resource owning states (another debate). 

Read it for yourself. But read it with a view to questions about the geo-political implications.