This article caught my eye. The real cost of energy includes the waste products and the use of fossil carbon for energy is massively subsidised because the cost of co2 pollution emissions is not bourne by the producer. 

It will be bourne by everyone.
So why this article. It demonstrates the rapid changes towards a point where all the world valuations in fossil energy should be devalued as it, after pollution cost or even before it, energy from renewable sources of energy will be more economical. It will likely be less dependent on resource owning states (another debate). 

Read it for yourself. But read it with a view to questions about the geo-political implications.


newfoundlandThis essay examines the belief systems that continue to make people believe that a referendum was rigged.  In this case it was the end of Newfoundland as a ‘nation’ and the vote for confederation with Canada.

It’s reading races parallels with the process is involved with the Scottish independence referendum of 2014 and the accusations of pre rigging during Brexit in 2016.

Having read about Newfoundland politics in the past, I found this essay fascinating.